Polypro IndoPak Guar Market Report 6-14-2017

The monsoon continues to advance as per the historic norm. Rainfall in some guar areas will help prepare the soil for planting. Markets are seeking equilibrium. Speculative guar markets (paper) have firmed slightly in reaction to premium prices in the physical markets. Please balance our comments with others. Read more »

Polypro IndoPak Guar Market Report 6-1-2017

The highly speculative Indian guar market is relaxed on news of the monsoon arrival at the southern state of Kerala. We anticipate the Pakistani market will lag but eventually follow India.  As you may recall, the direction of the Indian market is strongly influenced by the NCDEX (paper / leveraged […] Read more »

Polypro IndoPak Guar Gum Market Report 5-17-2017

Key weather related dates that can influence the guar gum market undertone are June 1 and June 10. The first is the historical onset date of the monsoon over the southern state of Kerala. The second is the arrival in Mumbai, the financial center of India. Other important monsoon benchmark […] Read more »

Monsoon Season Rainfall

Since, 2005, the Kerala onset date has ranged from May 24 – June 10. Sometime in June the INDIA METEOROLOGICAL DEPARTMENT is expected to issue a detailed long term weather forecast for the season. June 1 is the historical average onset date of the monsoon over the southern state of […] Read more »

3 Things You Don’t Know about Guar Gum

Guar gum, or guaran, is the primary product of guar grains. The guar seeds are dehusked, screened and milled to obtain the gum, and is typically produced as an off white, prolix powder. Here are three things you didn’t know about guar gum: India is the largest producer of guar […] Read more »

Polypro’s IndoPak guar market report

Conditions continue to favor the buyer. It appears the IndoPak guar market will have little leverage to significantly increase price for long periods of time given the outlook for abundant raw material supply, excess frac gum manufacturing capacity and poor USA O&G frac demand. However, it should be noted that […] Read more »

History of Guar Gum

Guar is a member of the pea family which is cultivated both as fodder and as a green veggie. Over the years, the actual vegetable has gained added significance despite not being part of the staple diet. The reason for this is the emergence of guar gum. Yes, the gum […] Read more »

Where Is Guar Gum Produced and How?

For a substance that has only been used widely for six decades, guar gum is extremely popular. After the Second World War, when industries in the West faced a shortfall of locust bean gum, which was at that time used widely in the textile and paper industries, guar gum was […] Read more »

How Guar Gum Can Be Used In Food Products

Guar gum is a widely used thickening and lubricating agent used in a number of industrial processes. It is extracted from the guar seed. Guar gum is known to cool off rapidly when mixed in cold water, which enhances thickness and viscosity that can be used in items as diverse […] Read more »