Polypro IndoPak Guar Market Report – August 9,2017

IndoPak guar gum markets have firmed slightly over the past weeks. This is mainly on news of too much rain. i.e., flooding / saturation in some of the key guar growing regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Adjacent lands in Gujarat and Haryana are also important guar areas. Please click on this link […] Read more »

Polypro IndoPak Guar Gum Market Report 5-4-2017

On the IndoPak supply side, raw material remains tight but plants are reporting a slowdown in fresh orders for the O&G frac industry. Please click on the below link to review guar gum import data for the period of January 2017 – April 2017.  On the average, for the past […] Read more »

Polypro IndoPak Guar Gum Market Report 5-17-2017

Key weather related dates that can influence the guar gum market undertone are June 1 and June 10. The first is the historical onset date of the monsoon over the southern state of Kerala. The second is the arrival in Mumbai, the financial center of India. Other important monsoon benchmark […] Read more »

Polypro Guar Market Report 10-25-16

IndoPak guar crops are progressing and require dry weather through harvest. The monsoon has withdrawn from the guar growing areas. New seed is arriving from the northern growing areas of India and expected to build momentum in Nov/ Dec. Stockists, traders, and manufacturers are purchasing new seed. Price is stable. […] Read more »

Polypro IndoPak Guar Market Report 9-19-16

In follow up to our last report, the crop areas planted in August (mainly western Rajasthan and adjoining areas in Pakistan) needs rain in the next 1-2 weeks (sooner the better). The forecast for dry weather has stimulated a bullish sentiment. Stockists and speculators are controlling the market and planning […] Read more »

IndoPak Guar Market Report 9-6-16

Reports note that the standing guar crop is progressing well. As with all years and excluding the irrigated areas the bulk of the guar crop is planted in stages depending on the initial rainfall. Ideally, the crop as a whole now needs cycles of 1-2 weeks of relatively drier weather […] Read more »

Polypro IndoPak Guar Market Report 8-8-16

As per previous guar market reports, planting is progressing in the main areas. Some areas like western Rajasthan (India) and Sindh (Pakistan) are just receiving the planting rains and sowing  is expected on commence shortly. Early reports suggest normal planting in Pakistan but an estimated 40-60% reduction in some areas […] Read more »

Polypro IndoPak Guar Market Report 7-5-16

The Monsoon continues to advance over the guar areas and rain is reported and forecasted for the coming weeks. The market reports that the combination of relatively early monsoon rains and persistently low guar seed prices are supporting the farmers desire to decrease guar acreage in favor of better priced […] Read more »

Polypro IndoPak Guar Market Update

IndoPak weather reports remain favorable for the guar areas. As per the IMD today, “Conditions are becoming favorable for further advance of southwest monsoon in some more parts of north Arabian sea, Gujarat, East Rajasthan, remaining parts of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, West Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and most parts of […] Read more »